Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. (Edgar Degas)

Clay has allways been my passion since I have been a child. By attending numerous workshop I have constantly improving my ceramic skills. Clay was and is the material which gives me every possibility to express myself in a multifaceted way. It is a soft, flexible, archaic material that allows an infinite variety of forms. Influenced by my fascination for prehispanic cultures, my work reflects in particular archaic aspects of the divinity of women, which convey strength and devotion and thus highlight the mysterious and intangible of their being. 

Each of my works is carefully developed, processually de- and discarded until it has found its final form. This approach can be implemented in the same way with the technique of collage. Only when the figure has been coherently designed for me from various scraps of paper, it is pasted and further processed painterly.